Collision of Lies

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Title: Collision of Lies

Author: Tom Threadgill

Genre: Suspense

Publishing Date: Feb 4, 2020

Publisher: Revell

Length: 400 Pages

About the Book:

Three years ago, a collision between a fast-moving freight train and a school bus full of kids led to devastation and grief on an unimaginable scale. But a fresh clue leads San Antonio police detective Amara Alvarez to the unlikely conclusion that one of the children may still be alive. If she’s correct, everything law enforcement believes about the accident is a lie.

With time running out, Amara must convince others–and herself–that despite all evidence to the contrary, the boy lives. And she will do everything in her power to bring him home.

A fresh voice in suspense, Tom Threadgill will have you questioning everything as you fly through the pages of this enthralling story.

My Review:

Whew, that was one heck of a ride! Collision of lies gripped me from the very first chapter and didn’t let me go until I’d reached the conclusion. The need for answers kept the pages essentially turning themselves. This was my first time read by Tom Threadgill but I’m sure it won’t be my last!

I got quite a chuckle out of some of the witty humor tossed back and forth between Amara and her coworkers. It added a fun layer of depth to the characters that made them come more to life for me. It added a lightness to the atmosphere to counteract some of the heaver content held within. I had no issue with it but there was some “Spanglish” sprinkled throughout that wasn’t often translated. Someone who often uses it myself though, I enjoyed it.

While I really liked how some of the puzzle pieces ended up fitting together, there were also places that I felt that they’d been discovered too easily. The intricate details of the crime were quite masterful to say the least, but the characters needed to experience more failure in order for things to feel more realistic. This did improve as the story progressed and some of the action scenes started to take over, but I think it needed to be more present throughout the investigation.

While the story fit perfectly in a suspense category, I failed to see where it fit within the realm of Christian fiction. I understand that it can be difficult to be successfully woven into this genre, but it should still have some level of presence if it’s being marketed as such.

Overall I still really enjoyed this read and look forward to reading more from the author in the future. If he sticks with a Christian publisher I hope that he makes more of an effort to make sure faith is present. Even though I needed to see the detectives struggle a little more, the intricate details of the crimes were quite masterful and the investigation was able to keep my heart racing and the pages turning. I’m curious to see what he comes up with next.

*I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishers. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.

Rating: 4-Stars-300x57

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