Book Quirks Are Real

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As you can see from the commercial above, when electronic devices like the Kindle and Nook came out, they were known to poke fun at “quirks” people had towards preferring real books. Things like the smell, texture, feel-in-the-hands, page marking, etc were poked at purposely in an attempt to get readers to laugh at themselves and see them as “not that big of a deal.” In truth it was smart marketing, because while it could get people to want to start reading, the demographic that would make the most impact would be the avid readers. I am a book nerd, and it took me several years before I finally got myself a kindle.  Having said that, if I am given the option between a physical book and a kindle copy, I will pick the physical book every time. Yes, I am one of those people who likes the feel of a book in my hands, and yes, even the smell of it (but no dog-ears, they make me cringe)! I will even go as far to say I like the feel of a paperback more than that of a hardcover. I like to be reminded phyiscally how far I am in a book instead of seeing a “percent complete” at the bottom of a screen (which even that can be a lie if they decide to add additional content at the end). I am not judging “e-bookers,” but simply stating that book quirks are real and a lot of people will actually admit to them. Do you have “book quirks” or do you laugh at them? Do you have a preference as to how you read your books? I won’t judge but have to argue that both sides have valid arguments and there is real truth to their feelings and opinions on the matter.


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