Beyond Head Knowledge

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Title: Beyond Head Knowledge

Author: Naomi Fata

Genre: Bible Study

“Finally, when I came to Him knowing that only He alone could make me whole, the work of transformation began. From the depths of my heart, I began to know the power of God.”

Before reading the book I was a little skeptical about the book leaning toward an “everything is love and fluffy bunnies” approach while at the same time hoping for something of great depth and truth. I am glad to say that I think this book was really impressive with it’s approach. The book didn’t throw away head knowledge, but simply worked to show how it should be paired with the heart knowledge. Do you truly believe the truth in the scriptures? Do you quote verses to help a friend in need but at the same time find yourself unable to cling to those same truths for yourself? While I think the book is supposed to be a comfort, it does also make you think and really dig deep down to think about what you truly believe and what you need to be in prayer about. Definitely worth the read!

*I received a free copy of this book for an honest review from a goodreads giveaway*

Rating: 5-Stars-300x57

Age Appropriateness: I would recommend this book to any believer both new and seasoned. While the focus is on people who already have some level of head knowledge, it can appeal to new believers so that they are cultivating both types of knowledge together and help them understand their mutual importance. To the more seasoned believer, it’s a help and comfort about God’s love for His children and how to prevent ourselves from developing hearts like the Pharisees. I would recommend for ages 11 and up based on reading level and comprehension. It’s written more to adults, but that doesn’t mean the youth couldn’t benefit from it (particularly those raised in the church).

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