Author Interview With Jill Lynn

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Another fun interview to share! Today I’m chatting with author Jill Lynn about her new release Her Hidden Hope published by Love Inspired. Check it out and make sure to get yourself a copy!

Her Hidden Hope
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About the Book:

Asking for forgiveness is the hardest part…

She once trusted him with her heart…

but will she ever trust him with the truth?

With only two weeks to renovate her family’s Colorado B and B, struggling single mom Addie Ricci can’t turn away help. Especially not when it’s her handsome high school sweetheart, Evan Hawke, who’s offering to pitch in. As they repair the B and B, Addie and Evan also begin rebuilding their relationship…until a secret from their past threatens to bring it all crashing down.

About the Author:Jill   Lynn

Jill Lynn is an award-winning author, hot mess, loud laugher and coffee addict who lives with her husband and two children near the beautiful Rocky Mountains. She writes the kind of stories she likes to read—ones filled with grace, humor and happily-ever-after. Her current giveaway can be found at, and she loves to connect with readers online at and Her latest release—Her Hidden Hope—is in stores now.

Let’s start out with a little bit of fun:

What’s your favorite color?

Green. It’s the color of my eyes and the color of growth and spring and warm weather (in my opinion.) I love it!

If you could travel to anywhere in the world where would you go?

I’d love to do a Mediterranean cruise so that I could visit numerous places.

If you were the 8th dwarf (Snow White) what would your name be?

Compassionate. I tend to feel things with other people, which can be hard, but at the same time I’m thankful for the way God made me.

Okay now for the good stuff:

What inspired you to create this story?

When I began writing Jace’s story in book 3, I knew I wanted to write Evan’s story in book 4. I loved that he’d overcome the trauma of losing his leg in an accident and now used that experience to help others.

Who was your favorite character?

I would have to say Sawyer. He’s Addie’s two-year-old and he’s kind of an escape artists. 😊

What was the biggest challenge for you while this?

I had to write this book faster than most and it needed quite a bit of editing. Edits always complicate things because the story connects throughout the whole book, and it’s hard to tie up all of the loose ends. I will say that I’m glad those days are over and this book is on store shelves!

What do you hope readers will take away from reading?

I always hope that readers are encouraged and entertained, and I love to hear that they found humor or a book made them laugh.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us today! 

Thank you for having me!

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