Anywhere with You (Montana Brides #5)

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Title: Anywhere with You (Montana Brides #5)

Author:  Gina Welborn & Becca Whitham

Genre: Historical Romance

Publishing Date: Mar 26, 2019

About the Book:

A Montana Brides Romance

From the Montana Territory to the farthest railroad stops across the magnificent West, love has a way of finding those who need it the most . . .

Heiress Colette Vanderpool-Vane needs to prove she’s outgrown her impetuous ways before her parents will allow her to open her beloved art museum. But when the solutions she proposes aren’t enough, her father tasks her with a mission that demands she keep her life in Denver a secret. It’s a clandestine train adventure that brings her face to face with an intriguing stranger . . .

Jakob Gunderson has always come in second in matters of the heart. Hired to protect young ladies rescued from the streets of Helena as they journey to a better life, he is drawn to their lovely, free-spirited chaperone. He’s finally someone’s number one. When their train ride ends, Jakob proposes marriage. But then he learns the secrets Colette’s been forced to keep.

How can Colette say yes? But—with their hearts on the line—how can she say no?

Also in the Montana Brides Romance series!

My Review:

Anywhere with You was a shorter read, easily devoured in an evening. It had an interesting premise and I was was curious to see how the journey would unfold. I found the characters to be highly likable, but I would have preferred to see some more individual depth to their development and backstories. I understand that the girls came from a sensitive past, but I didn’t feel like I got to know who they were personally. It was hard for me to get emotionally connected with the story because it didn’t delve deep enough who they were as characters. It was more about their physical journey than anything that was going on in their hearts and minds. It made me feel more like an outsider looking in instead of feeling like a real part of their journey. The romance between Jakob and Colette also moved far too quickly and didn’t come off as realistic.

Having said that though, I did still enjoy the read. I really admired the personalities of Colette and Jakob and  was curious to see how the trip would shape their futures. I could see how they would be a good pair if only they’d had more time to develop as one. Even though I was hoping for more, the guts of the story were solid and I’m glad I took the time to read it.

Rating: 3-Stars-300x57

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