Anxious for Nothing – Young Readers Edition

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My Review:

This was a relevant and much needed read for young readers today. I think it’s important for parents to go through this with their kids as well so that they can have some tough conversations if needed, but I think this book is a great start to help kids who may be dealing with anxiety get a better understanding of it physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It made a lot of helpful points and gave solid tips in countering not only every day anxieties, but the types that may come with a more serious condition. I liked that the book made a distinction between anxiety and worry, but in one section it also used the two as more synonyms which I didn’t like because it made that distinction more blurred and confusing. Another thing is that I’m torn as to what age range I would suggest this for. I think some of the examples were for an older age range than the reading level. Although for younger readers it might be helpful to see that older kids deal with it too so they don’t feel so alone. I think it’s important for parents to take an active role in reading this so they can help their kids as well, but I think this is a solid, helpful read that tackles a tough, yet relevant topic of today.

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