All the Colors That I See

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9781462794751_allthecolorsthatisee_cvrAbout the Book:
Green and yellow, red and blue?—what favorite color did God give you?

In this delightful board book, preschoolers can learn their colors and learn where they came from—God! They’ll be encouraged to touch, tap, or pat colors on each page, and a sneaky chameleon will follow them along the way.

In the Little Words Matter™ board books, it only takes a few words to tell a big story. Crafted especially for toddlers, these books make biblical truths easily understandable and enjoyable for little ones and their parents too!

My Review:
This was a cute little board book that little ones are sure to enjoy. When you open the book, the left side is a solid color with the color’s name in the center, along with the little chameleon blending in. The right side shows a picture along with a few words about the color and what they should do with the objects on the page that are that color. For example, for yellow they are asked to “rub all the yellow things with your thumb.” These types of interactions make the book a bit more fun instead of the same interaction on each page. You could easily change up what the book is asking them to do for each page as well to get more out of it or to make it easier or more challenging for them.

The pages flip flop between starting out with “God made…” and simple descriptions of the colors. The last page then says “God made ALL the colors.” The pages do a nice job of showcasing the colors without every object being of the same color so that it’s easier to point out the right objects. Most of the objects are easy words that kids would already know, but some of them could be new like “lemonade” for example.

I think this is a great little book about colors for little ones. The different interactions made learning the colors more fun, and I really liked that it was more than just pointing at all the objects of a color. This is a great addition to any home, Sunday school room, or nursery. It’s great for kids to learn their colors, but even better when they can also learn that they all come from God.

Tiny-Tot Reviewimg_2495
Once again I read this story with my little 3-year-old neighbor Addy. She loves books and could sit all day with you if you’d keep reading them to her. She really enjoyed this book, but I have to share that some of her reactions were both funny and cute.

The first thing she noticed was on the very first page for red, instead of saying she saw apples on the tree, she said they were “buttons with little leaves on them.” Which, is an accurate statement but it was funny that she saw it that way. She also saw it that way for the sun on the next page, stating that it “has blue eyes like me!” The buttons were part of the artistic style to the images, but she was more purely amused by it. She pointed them out on each page that they appeared on and said “that’s silly!”

Addy was quick to catch on to what the book was asking her to do for each page, but the one she wouldn’t do was “touch all the greeny greens with your nose.” So instead for that page she just pointed at the objects. She laughed and thought it was funny, but she didn’t want to put her nose up to it. (I personally found this funny because I’m one of those people who fights for the ‘real’ books for their smell 😉 )

Addy really enjoyed this book and started flipping through the pages on her own again after I finished going through it with her. She liked the different interactions and was well engaged in it. She also liked the “hiding chameleon” (even though she didn’t understand how it could change colors). She really enjoyed this book and gives it two thumbs up.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from B&H Publishing. I was not required to give a positive review. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine (and Addy’s) alone.


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