A Wagon Train Weekend (Back Inn Time) – Audiobook Review

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 a-wagon-train-weekendTitle: A Wagon Train Weekend (Back in Time)

Author: Stephenia H McGee

Narrator: Brynn Austin

Genre: Time Travel

Audio Publisher: By the Vine Press

Audio Release Date: Feb 12, 2021

Length: 5 hrs 11 min

Links: Audible | Goodreads

About the Book:

It was just one night at a Victorian B&B. Until they woke up in 1857.

Collette Donaldson never should have taken her boyfriend to her cousin’s wedding. Or introduced him to her parents. After a disastrous weekend, all she wants is to get back home and sort out the mess that had once been their relationship. A heartbreaking fight, a flat tire, and an inconvenient storm force her and Seth to stay the night at a quaint bed and breakfast. But when Collette finds an antique photograph of herself, circumstances quickly shift from weird to unimaginable.

Seth Stone was ready to propose. Now he isn’t sure if he and Collette even have a relationship. People he’d never want to be his in-laws, an irritable girlfriend, and now he has to spend the night in a creepy old Victorian inn. He should have never wondered how things could possibly get worse. When they wake up stranded on a wagon train in 1857, Seth is determined to get home. But the only way to get out of the past is to face the problems stealing their future.

★This fun, faith-filled series of short novels takes readers on romantic adventures throughout time and can be read in any order.

Narration Review:

It is SO important to have the right narrator for an audiobook, and Stephenia H McGee has a gold star in Brynn Austin. I don’t tend to “follow” many narrators, but knowing that Austin was going to be doing this series after enjoying her performance in others by this author, I was quite excited to say the least. She does a wonderful job of matching her voice to the energy and mood of the stories, and is able to craft different voices for the characters so they are easier to distinguish as she reads.

Story Review:

Oh my goodness, LOVE!. Although time travel reads aren’t my typical genre of choice, once I see Stephenia H McGee’s name on the cover, I instantly know I must get my hands on it. There is something about her writing that sets her apart from other authors who write in this particular genre. If you take a look at her other reads, she tends to write more historical fiction, but even those that touch contemporary timelines have a tangible, deep-rooted appreciation and respect of history. In order for a story like this to be strong enough for me to enjoy it, the setting has to be as strong as the characters themselves, and McGee does an impeccable job of this. She doesn’t just throw the characters back in time, but immerses them in the world of the time, they appear. Her wealth of research is evident, and often revealed in humorous if not unfortunate events. I adored this story, and yes, there were several moments of audible laughter throughout. HIGHLY recommend!

*I received an Audible code for this narration from By the Vine Press. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.

Rating: 5-Stars-300x57

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