A Marvelous Redeemer (A Light for Christ #3)

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Title: A Marvelous Redeemer
Author: Aleigha C Israel
Series: A Light for Christ Collection #3
Genre: Christian Fiction
Publishing Date: May 11, 2018

About the Book:

She knew the decision would change her life. But she didn’t know she’d have to fight to survive.
When Amira put her faith in Christ, she knew life wouldn’t be easy. But hiding her conversion from her Muslim family soon becomes the least of her worries.
Forced to leave the only home she’s ever known, she travels to the island of Gabeburough, trying her best to make a fresh start.
Two escaped convicts and a treasure map. A leafy paradise that becomes her home. Amira begins to wonder, where is her Redeemer when she needs Him the most?
Caleb Haddington is prince of Carpathia. Life should be perfect, but he can’t get a certain dark-haired girl out of his mind. Amira was his best friend when he lived in France, but her letters to him have suddenly stopped. Her last letter is filled with terror that her faith will soon be discovered.
Only a single hope keeps him alive; when the time is right, he’s going after her. He’ll bring her back and prove to the kingdom that he’s a man.
But the journey proves to be more perilous than he’d ever imagined.
Ridicule, comfortless days, and the threat of a hurricane are just the start of his problems.
Lying becomes easy for Caleb until his own life crumbles before him. Brought to his knees under the pressure of his actions, he comes to realize the sweetness of his Savior.
Forgiveness, grace, and mercy are granted fully to those who ask.
Caleb and Amira soon discover that they don’t just serve a gracious Savior, but a wonderful, magnificent, Marvelous Redeemer.

A Marvelous Redeemer is the third and final book in the A Light for Christ series. We are briefly introduced to Amira in the first book, but she returns as one of the main characters for this one. Anna’s younger brother Caleb befriended Amira in the first book and shared Christ with her. When he fears she is in danger following her conversion to Christianity from Islam, Caleb runs away from home in search of her.

Clearly this book didn’t take place in modern times, or it would have been a very different story. When Amira’s mother discovers her daughter has become a Christian, she demands that she “repent and turn back to Allah.” When Amira refuses, her mother kicks her out the house, in fear that when her father finds out he will have her killed. Although this is still sadly a reality today in the Middle East, it’s not something we hear of  happening in most countries. Also, Amira is only 13 years old, so child services would have been all over her situation. Going back in time though, Amira had a real threat to her life that led her to some very difficult situations, but she trusted that the Lord would get her through.

Although Amira is forced to leave her childhood home, this book isn’t really about persecution. It’s more of a survival-turned-adventure story.  Amira is starting out on her own and looking for a new place to call home until she is kidnapped. Then she and Caleb are reunited and are wandering in the wilderness with the two criminals looming nearby.

As with the first two books in the series, there is a heavy dose of scriptures shared throughout the entire story. With every step they take, the characters gain their strength and courage from God’s Word. I would be willing to say that this series is the most heavily loaded with scriptures that I’ve read. Not only are individual verses shared, but entire passages. I say this for a few reasons. I myself am not complaining about this, but I have seen people give poor reviews for Christian books simply because they “didn’t realize it was ‘so’ Christian and they thought it was too preachy” despite the fact that it’s listed under “Christian Fiction.” 😠 I hope that by sharing this, people can have a good idea of what they are reading before they sit down to read it.

This was an enjoyable series that actively kept Christ at the center of everything. I recommend it to people who prefer a strong presence of scripture in their reading. I also recommend for people who enjoy adventure and suspense without graphic scenes. The main characters in all three books are around 20 and under, so it’s also one that might cater to a younger audience.

What’s more? The book A Marvelous Redeemer releases today (5/11/18)! So you can now get a copy in your own hands 🙂

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in hopes of an honest review. I was not obligated to give a positive review. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.

Rating: 4-Stars-300x57

Age Appropriateness: Even more-so than the other books in this series, I would consider this book safe for younger readers. The main characters in this book are 13 and 14, so they are younger themselves. The biggest obstacle is that it’s almost 600 pages long (at least according to the PDF), so they would need to be able to get invested into a lengthy read.

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