A Long Time Comin’

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Title: A Long Time Comin’

Author: Robin W Pearson

Genre: Christian Fiction

Publishing Date: Jan 7, 2020

Publisher: Tyndale House

Length: 432 Pages

About the Book:

To hear Beatrice Agnew tell it, she entered the world with her mouth tightly shut. Just because she finds out she’s dying doesn’t mean she can’t keep it that way. If any of her children have questions about their daddy and the choices she made after he abandoned them, they’d best take it up with Jesus. There’s no room in Granny B’s house for regrets or hand-holding. Or so she thinks.

Her granddaughter, Evelyn Lester, shows up on Beatrice’s doorstep anyway, burdened with her own secret baggage. Determined to help her Granny B mend fences with her far-flung brood, Evelyn turns her grandmother’s heart and home inside out. Evelyn’s meddling uncovers a tucked-away box of old letters, forcing the two women to wrestle with their past and present pain as they confront the truth Beatrice has worked a lifetime to hide.

My Review:

Sometimes I finish a book and instantly know how I’ll rate it and what I think. Other times I have to sit and ponder for a bit. This was one such read. The characters (whether you liked them or not), were realistic in a way that made you either relate to them personally and/or see others you know in them. It was nearly impossible to read this without feeling some form of connection. The character engagement was masterful.

I think the biggest struggle for me was in the overall layout of the book. It was written in 3 parts. The first and third parts were the more plot driven part of the story, while the second was more of a glimpse into the individual stories of each of Grannie B’s children. Although I liked reading into each of their sides to the overall picture, it also served to distance the reader from plot instead of moving it forward. I also feel torn about this though, because while I struggled with the separation from the rest of the story, I didn’t dislike the part on it’s own either. The author found a way to make it just as engaging.

Feeling torn more on the layout of the book than the content, I am still glad that I picked this one up and would have no problem recommending it to others. I have every intention of following her to read her next release in 2021. With a different layout I can see her books being unputdownable.

*I purchased a copy of this book from a bookstore. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.

Rating: 3.5-Stars-300x57


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