Testimonies of Grace

testimonies-of-grace-1Author: Dr. Chris Brown

Genre: non-fiction/testimonial

Publishing Date: Sept 5, 2020

Publisher: Child of Grace Books

Length: 212 Pages

Link: https://www.childofgracebooks.com/books

About the Book:

Eight true stories – She had two abortions. He did five years for manslaughter. She was raped in fifth grade. His mother was murdered in front of him. What they all have in common is God’s amazing grace that transformed their lives. Dr. Chris Brown shares real life stories that will challenge, inspire, and encourage believers and skeptics alike.

My Endorsement:

With brutal honesty and intense vulnerability, Testimonies of Grace is a beacon of hope for the lost, and a reminder that there is no soul too far gone that the Lord cannot redeem. A must-read for a healthy dose of empathy and insight into the mysterious workings of God as the lost reach rock bottom and He meets them where they are. Not only is it a message of how lives were changed, but how God–through different people and situations–was at work in their hearts long before their eyes were opened to their ultimate need for Him.

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