Whatchya Readin’ Wednesday #19


I’ve been really slow with my reading still but thankfully this past week I’ve been able to focus a little better and so I’ve been able to get some more quality reading time in. Just today (well… technically yesterday lol) I started reading Piece by Piece by Laura Bradford, and I think I’m actually going to finish it before I go to bed tonight (this morning haha). I have a super high TBR that just keeps growing so I’m hoping I’m moving back into my groove so I can get caught up on some of it.

Piece by Piece

Amazon | Goodreads

What are YOU currently reading?

9 thoughts on “Whatchya Readin’ Wednesday #19

  1. So, I started reading Georgana’s Secret by Arlem Hawks. But, I read a review for a book I have on my TBR pile, and switched to that book: Save the Date by Jenny B. Jones. I’ll go back to Georgana’s Secret as soon as I finish my review of Save the Date. 😀 Books are awesome! Your book looks like it deals with heavy topics, but I love that cover!

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