Whatchya Readin’ Wednesday #12


Check-in time! What are you reading today?

Currently I’m reading The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck (TSLOSH) by Bethany Turner. This one has been super high on my TBR for a looong time but one good thing that has come from all of this quarantining is that I’ve been able to get caught up enough on my review schedule to dive into some of my older TBR. Not saying I didn’t enjoy rom-com before, but since the whole world is stuck at home it’s been the biggest genre I’ve been craving. Admittedly I read a lot of books that have the ability to make me cry crocodile tears, but right now I need more laughter. I just started this one but already I’m glad it’s the one I picked up ❤

The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck

Baker Book House | Goodreads

*Double check pricing when you shop, but as the time of this post TSLOSH is on sale from Baker Book House for only $11.20 with FREE shipping 🙂

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