Reading Recap November 2019


OK so I didn’t read as many books as usual this month but it was a pretty epic month if I do say so myself. I spent the first two weeks in Montana at Kimberley Woodhouse’s house which was beyond incredible. (I have affectionately renamed Kim’s downstairs “Becca’s Book Castle” but still working on getting the name change to stick 😉 hahaha). I also got to hang out with authors Becca Whitham and Tracie Peterson along with meeting a whole bunch of new friends. I have to say, there’s nothing quite like reading a book while the person who wrote it is sitting either right next to you or right behind you (working on their next one). Yes, it’s safe to say I was spoiled this month ❤

the-rebel-brideMy Review

Amazon | Goodreads


race-against-timeMy Review

Amazon | Goodreads


wordsMy Review
Amazon | Goodreads


the-gift-of-the-matchmakerMy Review

Amazon | Goodreads


heart-of-a-royal-coverMy Review
Amazon | Goodreads


memories-of-glassMy Review

Amazon | Goodreads


echoes-among-the-stonesMy Review
Amazon | Goodreads


9781400215522My Review
Amazon | Goodreads


stand-aloneMy Review
Amazon | Goodreads


Have you read any of the books above as well? Any on your TBR list? Did you have a favorite read? Share in the comments below!

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