Fiction Readers Summit 2019 – Arrival Day

As you may or may not already know, this past week I drove out to Grand Rapids, MI to attend Baker Book House’s Fiction Readers Summit (FRS) held at the Double Tree Hotel and Baker Book House. I am going to space my trip out into different posts for each day I was there. While I will try to include several images, you will be able to find more on my Facebook page.

I was lucky enough to get to spend a few days before the event with some of my family who also happen to live in Michigan, and was therefore a MUCH closer drive away on Thursday morning. I picked up my friend Becca at the airport around 10:30am and then we headed to a restaurant called Anna’s House in Grand Rapids. There we met up with Kim Woodhouse and her daughter Kayla and friend Joani before we were “kidnapped” by Kayla and taken to the Grand Rapids Public Museum 😉


I can’t even tell you how much fun we had at that museum! It was loaded with all kinds of mega-sized versions of toys and games. There was even a carousel that was over 90 years old there that we were able to go for a ride on. (HUGE recommendation here).

When we left the museum we only had a short time before having to get ready to head down to the author/reader dinner at the Double Tree hotel. while there was of course a whole heap of book talk, there was also a lot of just getting to know each other. Authors do more than just write books, and readers do more than just read books. It was a wonderful time chatting and developing friendships that we can walk away with for keeps. I dropped the ball and forgot to take pictures but I found a few that others shared 🙂

Want to see more from my trip? Just click the links to see my posts for each of the days 🙂

Fiction Readers Summit 2019- Arrival Day

Fiction Readers Summit 2019- The Main Event

Fiction Readers Summit 2019- Closing Breakfast and More Fun

Fiction Readers Summit 2019- The Day After (Still in Grand Rapids)

Fiction Readers Summit 2019- A Tour of Baker Publishing Group

Fiction Readers Summit 2019- Final Thoughts

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