Reading Recap February 2019


February has been quite a crazy month! I’ve tried to keep up with my reading, blogging, and blog visits but it’s been a bit overwhelming with me continuing to get used to working nights again and flipping my sleep on the weekends. Most of my books this month are actually audiobooks since I can listen while at work. So if you’re used to seeing me visit and comment on your blog but it appears like I’ve disappeared–I’m sorry! Hopefully I can get myself in a better rhythm to get it all done. I have a lot of books I have to review for March and April and so I’m trying to get ahead of that game so I can keep up, but after that I’ll be slowing down for a bit so hopefully I can mange everything a little easier.

convergenceamerican-omensthe-secrets-of-paper-and-inkthe-mountain-between-ussons-of-blackbird-mountainof-fire-and-lionsstorm-proof-coverLast LightNight Light (Restoration #2)

True Light (Restoration, #3)Dawn's Light (Restoration, #4)Never Let Go (Uncommon Justice #1)Daughters of Northern Shores (Blackbird Mountain, #2)eternity-between-uswhat-the-heart-holds

This month’s favorite pick isn’t easy because there are several that I really loved, but I think I have to choose:


What was YOUR favorite book you read this month? Have you read any of the books above as well? Any on your TBR list? Share in the comments below! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Reading Recap February 2019

    1. Thanks! Me too I think they were an attractive little update lol. I updated all of my memes to show my new web address (just without the .wordpress) and I thought they were absolutely adorable when I came across them in my image search 🙂


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