Reading Recap January 2019


I had a busy reading month to say the least for January! I went back to my overnight job a few weeks ago so I devoted the time earlier in the month to getting as ahead as I could for future tours and such, so the majority of the books I read won’t have their reviews posted until the future, however any that I have reviewed are clickable to take you directly to them. I am also able to listen to audiobooks while I’m at work so you’ll probably see reviews for those pooling in as well.

the-alamo-brideMy-Heart-Belongs-in-the-Blue-Ridge1the-orphan-sistersthe-forgiving-jarThe-watch-on-the-fencepostThe-Lost-Artjane-eyreI-Love-to-tell-the-storyCovenant-Childmy-heart-remembersCoverthe-golden-brideThe Deceived (Once Lost #1)The White City (True Colors)Mending Fences (The Deacon's Family #1)Breach of Trust (Atlanta Justice, #3)Love's RescueThe-essence-of-Humilitylove-in-leada-bound-heartthe-marriage-bargain

This was a close vote between several of these but My favorite read for the month goes to Breach of Trust which is officially releasing February 5th 🙂

Breach of Trust (Atlanta Justice, #3)

What was YOUR favorite book you read this month? Have you read any of the books above as well? Any on your TBR list? Share in the comments below! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Reading Recap January 2019

  1. I have also read a number of great books this month. My favorite is My Wish is You by Barbara Gee. It is the third book of the Hidden Creek series. I highly recommend all of her books if you have time to read them!

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