#SeasonToRead Reading Challenge- Dec 17, 2018


I really had to think for today’s challenge! I don’t read very many books with multiple authors. I know Janette Oke has done some collaborations with T Davis Bunn though so I’ll share one of the series (Songs of Acadia) they collaborated together for:

This one is also thinking more outside of the box, but a new series I’ve come to love this year is called The Daughters of the Mayflower. Although each book is written by one author, they are each written by different authors.

The Mayflower Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower #1)3565889436040947the patriot bride.jpgthe-cumberland-bridethe-liberty-bride

What’s a book you’ve read or that’s on your TBR that’s written by two authors? Share in the comments below!


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