#TFBRC- Nov 20, 2018


Just being completely honest I’m not sure I fully understand what a trope is even after googling it. I think the gist of it is a figure of speech that uses language in a non-literal way.

One of my favorite phrases to see and use is when someone’s “heart is given a voice.”

I hope that’s an accurate usage of a trope. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong! If you have a favorite trope share in the comments below! It may help me understand the meaning of it a bit better too ๐Ÿ˜‰


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7 thoughts on “#TFBRC- Nov 20, 2018

  1. If I understand it correctly, some examples of tropes would be: Love Triangle, The cop/detective falls i love with the criminal, Average person finds out they are the queen etc. I always struggle with what is a trope and what isn’t.

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  2. A trope can be a figure of speech, but when we talk about a literary trope, it’s usually a commonly occurring theme, motif, or cliche.

    Some examples would be:
    -The manic pixie dream girl
    -Enemies become lovers
    -The wise old man
    -The “chosen one” who must save the day
    -A marriage of convenience that turns to love
    -The underdog
    -A happily ever after

    Tropes can be really fun – personally, I really enjoy a romance novel where people start as enemies but then have a change of heart and fall in love; however, tropes can also be problematic. An example of a problematic trope is one that is racist or ablest. One racist trope is “angry black woman” or “the sassy black best friend.” A trope I hate is the one that occurs in many books – one in which people with disabilities are portrayed as helpless.

    Tropes can be fun, and sometimes movies and films even make fun of their own established tropes by subverting them. Think of the line in Frozen where one character quips, “You can’t marry a person you just met!”

    Hope this helps!

    For more information, here’s one of my favorite websites that talks about tv and literary tropes:


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