#TFBRC- Nov 14, 2018


OK, so I am forever the person who can be found laughing/crying/gasping while reading whatever book happens to be in my hands. I just can’t help it! When I get into a good story, I’m sucked in as if I’m standing right beside the characters. It’s really quite the superpower if you ask me 😉

On that note, There is a book that popped up in my mind immediately when I saw that today’s challenge is about “LOL.” If you ever hear me complaining about cheesy, unrealistic romance– adding a bit of witty humor can really go a long way. It adds personality to the relationships and makes them more life-like. While I could say this of several of her books, specifically the book in my mind is With You Always by Jody Hedlund. I absolutely LOVED the witty, sarcastic humor shared between the characters despite the circumstances they found themselves in.


What’s a book that made YOU “LOL”? Share in the comments below!


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