Thankful for Books Reading Challenge- Nov 1



I have several books that I hope to read this month. I have several book tours that I am a part of this month and I’m thankfully in good shape enough that I hope to catch up on some books that are not book tour related.

Thanks to NetGalley I am able to read some books before they launch. Castle on the Rise is one of them (releases Feb 2019) and I can’t tell you how excited I am to dig into it. It’s easily my most anticipated read for the month.

My book tour books for the month (I’m about halfway through reading) are:

the-kitchen-marriagean-hour-unspentEverything She Didn't Say


Why Did You Choose Me?A Seat by the Hearth

Secrets (Beauties from Ashes, #1)


A few other books I hope to read that are NOT tour related are:

Jane EyreThe Heart of Homeours-for-a-seasonNight Road

How about you? What are YOUR goals for November? Share in the comments below!


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15 thoughts on “Thankful for Books Reading Challenge- Nov 1

      1. I’m planning on going back to my overnight job in the next few weeks and I can listen to audiobooks while I’m there. So technically I’ll listen to a fiction book at the same time I read one at home but I tend to be okay with that too. I tend to listen to only suspense since it keeps me up and makes me type faster lol.


  1. My goal for November is to read the Tox Files by Ronie Kendig. I finally took all 3 from my local library and plan to read them soon! I love her books but need to read them all together since they usually build upon each other.

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  2. I just downloaded Rachel Hauck’s The Love Letter & The Wedding Dress. Amazon had The Love Letter free Sunday and The Wedding Dress popped up as free on my Prime reading list! I also work nights, but reading puts me to sleep! Seeing as I am the night audit at a hotel, that would not work well!!!

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