The Longest & Shortest Books of the Bible

Saw this on another blogger’s site and thought it was worth the share 🙂

The Mimosa Blossom

Bible Gateway graphic.png

Do you know the longest and shortest books in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible? Bible Gateway has put together a colorful infographic that you can download which answers the question, plus 24 more. You can get the infographic sent to your email by visiting Bible Gateway and leaving them your email address. Just look for the link, on the Bible Gateway page, to sign up now to receive Bible Gateway’s free exclusive 25 Extremes in the Bible infographic.

I’ll add a little teaser here:

The longest book in the Old Testament when measuring by chapters is the book of Psalms with 150 chapters and 2,461 verses. But when measuring by Hebrew word count, the longest book in the Old Testament is Jeremiah with approximately 33,000 words in the original language.

The shortest book in the Old Testament is Obadiah with only 21 verses and 670 words.


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