Month: June 2018

His Encouragement #9

Happy Thursday! I am blessed to be a part of a group of bloggers who feel led to share a bit of encouragement each week from the Bible. We recognize that the source of our peace, strength, and security in this life comes from Jesus, and we aim to share that with our readers. Plus, […]

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Unraveling (Unblemished #2)

Title: Unraveling Author: Sara Ella Series: Unblemished #2 Genre: Fantasy Publishing Date: July 11, 2017 About the Book: What happens when happily ever after starts to unravel? Eliyana Ember doesn’t believe in true love. Not anymore. After defeating her grandfather and saving the Second Reflection, El only trusts what’s right in front of her. The tangible. […]

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hand in Hand

Title: hand in Hand Author: Randy Alcorn Series: N/A Genre: Biblical Study Publishing Date: October 14, 2014 About the Book: If God is sovereign, how can I be free to choose?  But if God is not sovereign, how can he be God? Is it possible to reconcile God’s sovereignty with human choice? This is one […]

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Memorable Monday #6

Welcome back to Memorable Monday! The book I’m featuring this week is: Until We Meet Again: A True Story of Love and Survival in the Holocaust By: Michael Korenblit & Kathleen Janger Amazon | Goodreads Until We Meet Again was the first Holocaust book that I remember reading. A friend of mine in middle school […]

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About the Book: Why be colorblind when we can be colorFULL instead?  Imani and Kayla are the best of friends who are learning to celebrate their different skin colors. As they look around them at the amazing colors in nature, they can see that their skin is another example of God’s creativity! This joyful story […]

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First Line Friday #11

Happy Friday! The Book I’m featuring this week is: Unbreakable By: Sara Ella Amazon | Goodreads “You can’t understand the beginning until you reach the end, so here it is…” I’m currently reading the second book in this series, and as soon as I finish I’ll be moving onto this one! I’ve been describing this […]

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